Event information, English summary

Event information, SM-TempO 6.8.2017



Event director Kristiina Mäkinen, 040 5873956, suunnistus (at) mantsalanurheilijat.fi

Course setter Lauri Mäkinen, 044 2508976, lauri.a.makinen (at) gmail.com

Event adviser Martti Inkinen, RR, martti.inkinen (at) msoynet.com



Anna Jacobson, OK77

Roope Näsi, AlahKi

Heikki Liimatainen, RiSu



9:30 Quarantine

10:00 First start (start list)

appr. 13:30 Final for the 15 best


Event center: 5 minute drive from the crossing of routes 140 and 25. Guided.

A school building with a compact self service cafeteria.


Event rules::

According to SSL and IOF.

Complainments max 10 min after the publishing of the results. After receiving the answer, protests may be handed to the jury in 15 minutes.


Route information:

8 stations, 5 tasks per station. 6 flags plus zero. 150 sec per station.

Final: 2 stations for the 15 best.

Map 1:4000,cont. 2 m. Sprint map (ISSOM). Mapped by Martti Inkinen.

Numbers at the event center, control cards and route maps are handed at the start. The places to wait before each station are marked clearly.

Route length ca. 2,2 km.


Specification of Zero

The answer for the task is Zero, if none of the flags is in the position precisely defined by the center of the circle and the control description.

Additionally, either A) or B) applies, when zero is the answer:

A) None of the flags is in the correct object on the map. In this case the flags are either on other mapping objects or unmapped objects.

If the correct object can not be seen from the viewing point, the closest flag is more than 8 meters from the correct position.

If the correct object can be seen, the closest flag is at least 3-4 m away from the correct position.

B) One or more flags are at the correct object, but none of them is is at the position precisely defined by the center of the circle and the control description.

In this case the flag is either on the wrong side of the object (more than 120 degrees from the correct position) or more than 8 m away from the correct position.



Medals for the three best Finns / people permanently living in Finland. Plaques for positions 4.-6.

There are also products handed out to the three best of all and the best para-status competitor.